Hello! Now it is winter and the New Year holidays have ended and I think itís time to sell Bitcoin, since it has risen in price a little over the past month and a half! Now while it costs $ 4,000, because I believe that in the next two, three weeks, it can again drop to its previous lows at a price of $ 3,200 for one bitcoin.Nobody will be able to predict exactly what 2019 for cryptocurrency will be, but the fact that it will be bright and protected is predicted by many crypto-enthusiasts!Many people say that Bitcoin will again test the $ 20,000 mark as at the end of 2I hope at least someone was useful and interesting this article, all the good time spending and see you soon! Thanks for attention!017, but I still tend to believe that more than 10 - 12 thousand dollars in 2019 Bitcoin will not cost. 37636
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