Usually set up an integrated home surveillance software equipment costing to monitor for home after its owner in the absence of large sums of money, but this issue is almost become of the past thanks to a range of new smartphones, which holds that task is relatively cheap compared to the cost or even free applications.
According to US government statistics, the United States experienced in 2012 more than two million robbery, or about a robbery and one every 15 seconds, and for those reasons, and found big companies and even emerging ones the opportunity to develop applications that can communicate with remote monitoring systems to help customers on the security of their homes and property control .
Among these applications, the application of ’Viper Connect’ directed to the iPhone and Android phones, where the company has developed a security system provides the user from the category of ’do it yourself’ includes movement sensors and video cameras can be planted around the house to see what conceivable distance. In this regard, James Turner says -naib president of product development in fiber-owned company of ’Daerkid Electronix’ US-that, in general what the house was not equipped with protection and control by the advantage of the home lock feature to be difficult and expensive for many people, but this process It has become much easier and cheaper thanks to wireless devices and mobile applications.
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